Welcome to ST Beach Finds

Where We Create 100% Authentic Sea Glass and Beach Creations
to bring a piece of the sea into your home from ours.

Locally sourced sea glass and beach materials

About Us

Steve & Tammy

ST Beach Finds is a locally owned and operated business in Calvert County, MD. The “S” and “T” in the name stand for Steve and Tammy, the creators of each and every piece. Steve and Tammy love everything about the beach and the Chesapeake Bay. They use 100% authentic materials including driftwood, beach/sea glass, shells and fossils in their creations. Steve and Tammy’s artistic flare shines through in each one of their designs. They believe the beach and water soothes the soul and everyone needs a piece of that happiness around always. Building on that belief Steve and Tammy have kept their prices reasonable so everyone can find something they can treasure for years to come. They hope you enjoy browsing their site and always welcome comments and thoughts. Happy hunting everyone!

What is Sea Glass?

Sea glass is glass that has been discarded
into the ocean, sea, bay, river or lake for years and years.
The combination of the waves, salt, and sand transforms the glass
into a polished and beautiful treasure.
Authentic sea glass has some telling marks such as c’s or internal stress lines.
Like everything else these days, there are many fakes out there
claiming to be the real thing.
To an untrained eye it can be very hard
to distinguish the fake from the real.
Rule of thumb is, if it’s too good to be true it’s more than likely not real.
What does that mean?
If the colors are not something you’d find in everyday items,
or the shapes are completely the same,
or the price is unbelievable, you may want to think twice.


  • Fan Pulls (coming soon)
  • Sun catchers (coming soon)
  • Wreaths (coming soon)
  • Lamps (coming soon)

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